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What Are Our Prices?

First of all: We Don't Cut Corners To Compete On Price.

If you have looked around, you will know that we have some of the lowest priced photo and 35mm slide scanning services on the Internet, especially when you consider that we do not ship your job to INDIA (as our biggest competitor does) or anywhere else. We also include in our services, for free, what others charge extra for. We do not sacrifice on quality either. We will treat your pictures or slides as if they were our own and we are pretty picky. We want our customers to be happy with our service and tell others about it. Our best salespeople are our customers.

For the time being we are also including our Full DVD slide show in our standard pricing. This is a normal $50+ value. You probably won't get this DVD slide show disk, which includes your high resolution images, for free from other companies.

We are sure you must realize that we are also doing a lot more work for these low prices than anyone else. Some companies will even charge for rotating an image. We not only crop and rotate the images but will do all that we can to make the color of each and every photo as pleasing as possible. Other companies will charge retouching or enhancement fees for tweaking the color. We think our 35mm slide and photo scanning service is really an outstanding bargain.



Note that there is a minimum Scanning Charge of $20 per order so, you are better off if you have enough slides to reach $20. Includes Scanning, Overall Photoshop Editing, and a Slide Show or Data Disk.

Most 2" x 2" Slides = $.39 each 4,000ppi scan;
"127" slides = $2.00 each 4,000ppi scan;
Stereo Slides = $1.50 each 4,000ppi scan;
View-Master Reels = $15 per reel, 1 film scanned of each pair;
Disc Negative Reel = $39.00
4" X 6" paper prints = $.39 each 600ppi scan

Most 2" X 2" Slides to Prints = $1.39 each 4"x6". $35 minimum order. ("127" slides not included.)

Return shipping cost based on weight. It should, basically, cost the same to ship back to you as it did for you to ship to us. We have had many customers who, once they see their images, tell us they don't want their slides back and they save on return shipping that way. We dispose of the slides for them. Shipping carousels back to you is NOT included in our shipping estimate.
Cost will be determined by the WEIGHT of the carousels and current shipping costs.

You will find a much more extensive list of our services and prices on our order forms.

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About Our Company

We have been a family owned and operated business since 2002. Once we receive your order, it never leaves our premises until we ship it all back to you. We are in the quiet, little city of Waupun, Wisconsin. We are about 45 miles NE of the State Capitol: Madison Wisconsin. We are also about 20 miles SW of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Lake Winnebago. We are members of the Wisconsin BBB and have an A+ rating.