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10 Free Demo Scans Order Form
Please fill in this form. Print it out and send it with your order.
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Signature: __________________________ Date:_________________

Number of 35mm Slides to Scan and create a private webpage so I can see my images:
10 Maximum combined:
35mm Slides: _______________
4 x 6" Paper Photos: ___________

Please make sure you put enough postage on your envelope or they will return it to you. Take it to the Post Office and let them stamp it.

PLEASE FOLLOW OUR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING YOUR SLIDES FOR MAILING. If you do, you can save yourself a couple of dollars or more on postage. CLICK HERE.

Your free Demo scans will be displayed on a private webpage that only you will have the address for. Your free demo scans are going to have our logo imposed on the image. This is a way for you to see the quality of our scans and compare our work to other services.

Regardless of the container that you send your demo slides to us in, we will be shipping back to you in this same manner and will NOT be including any of your boxes or plastic sleeves. We are doing this for no profit and have to keep our return postage within our calculations.

Please understand that the demo scans have our logo on them and are only good for seeing the quality of our scans given the condition of your slides.


Maximum number of 35mm slides and/or up to 4" x 6" paper photos for free scanning is TEN.

Negative or specialty scanning is not included in this free offer. Click here to see mailing instructions for the free slide scans.

PLEASE FOLLOW OUR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING YOUR SLIDES FOR MAILING. If you do, you can save yourself a couple of dollars or more on postage. CLICK HERE.

Take your envelope to the Post Office to get the right postage on it. If you don't, play it safe and put $3.50 on it. If the envelope is a bubble mailer or "irregular" thickness, then they consider it a "First Class Package" and the charge is $3.50. You can do it for less than $1 but you have to do it right.

Do NOT send as "Media Mail". They will return it to you.

    Send your good slides and bad ones so you can see exactly what we can do. Probably half the slides we see are bad ones that we can improve.

    Click here for an example of how to package your slides for the free sample scans.

This free offer is limited to slides that are in 2" x 2" holders. None smaller or bigger.

Limit of ONE 3D Stereo Slide for the free scan offer.

Limit of NO Glass Slides or Metal encased slides for the free scan offer.

Limit of ONE set of ten free scans per household or family.

Your images will display our logo across the middle and so will only be good for testing our scanning service.

Demos turn around in about 2-3 days.

(Professional Photographers, Artists and other perfectionists: This is not your order form.
You are looking for $30 drum scanning for 39 cents. Its not going to happen.)

Free offer for USA, USA Territories ONLY.


About Our Company

We have been a family owned and operated business since 2002. Once we receive your order, it never leaves our premises until we ship it all back to you. We are in the quiet, little city of Waupun, Wisconsin. We are about 45 miles NE of the State Capitol: Madison Wisconsin. We are also about 20 miles SW of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Lake Winnebago. We are members of the Wisconsin BBB and have an A+ rating.