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Yes, we will return your slides along with your demo disk, if you include $1 in cash to help cover return postage. NO CHECKS.
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Step #1: Put 4 slides in a row on top of the Saran Wrap

Step #2: Fold the Wrap and the row of slides over.

Step #3: Make another row of slides at the top

Step #4: Fold the wrap over the group of slides.

Step #5: Flip the whole group over and fold again.

Step #6: Place the remaining two slides on top.

Step #7: Flip the wrap to include the two slides with the others so that now, all slides are wrapped in Saran Wrap.

Step #8: Put the slides into your folded Order Form along with your dollar to cover our return postage.

Step #9: Note: in order to mail this envelope with the least postage, it needs to fit through the USPS's envelope tester. If it does not pass through easily, they charge about three times as much.

NOTE: We are using a 9" x 6" poly bag mailer. It is very light but strong. If you use a "bubble mailer", this will not work because it will be too thick. Take whatever you end up with to the Post Office and get them to put the correct postage on the envelope so that it is not returned for needing more stamps.
This method might also work with a "Greeting Card" envelope. The idea is to get the envelope thin enough to fit through the USPS 1/4" testing slot

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