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Non-automated scanning. Each scan is personally Photoshop edited by a Photoshop Expert for overall Color, Sharpness, Contrast, Brightness, Rotation and Cropping. Our experts work on your scans like they were working on their own precious family heirlooms. They can do some amazing work and it's all included in our pricing. You might find lower pricing somewhere else, but you will not match our Expert Photoshop editing for our affordable pricing. And that is the difference that you and your descendants will appreciate into the future. If you are just shopping for the lowest price, then you are making a big mistake. You are only going to have this conversion process done once. Get it done right. Let your future Great, Great, Grand Children see what beautiful pictures you took and not that you saved a few pennies but the pictures look awful.


Note that there is a minimum Scanning Charge of $20 per order so, you are better off if you have enough slides to reach $20. Includes Scanning, Overall Photoshop Editing, and a Slide Show or Data Disk.

Most 2" x 2" Slides = $.39 each 4,000ppi scan;
"127" slides = $1.00 each 4,000ppi scan;
Stereo Slides = $1.00 each 4,000ppi scan;
View-Master Reels = $10 per reel, 1 film of each pair;
Disc Negative Reel = $39.00
4" X 6" paper prints = $.39 each 600ppi scan

Slides to Prints = $1.25 each 4"x6". $35 minimum order.

Return shipping cost based on weight.

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We have been a family owned and operated business since 2002. Once we receive your order, it never leaves our premises until we ship it all back to you. We are in the quiet, little city of Waupun, Wisconsin. Our police station closes on the weekend! We are about 45 miles NE of the State Capitol: Madison Wisconsin. We are also about 20 miles SW of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Lake Winnebago. We are members of the Wisconsin BBB and have an A+ rating.